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Getting Started

Congratulations! You’re ready to take control of the Internet and dominate your local market. We told you this was going to be easy, so here goes.

Colleen, tire dealer account manager
Colleen, Manager

Just contact Greg Frye to get things started. Greg will give you more details about the program and let you know about pricing and whether there are any Co-Op funds offered by your Wholesale Distributors. Once you tell us “Let’s Do This!” Greg will send you a simple one-page agreement along with a credit card authorization form that you can send back to us. We can even provide the EzyTire agreement for the Tire Selector “widget” if you’d like.

Once we process the paperwork, you’ll get another call from one of our Tire Dealer account specialists. They will gather all of the information we need to get going from you in about a half hour. From there we build and launch your new website and we’re off to the races!

It’s really that simple. And, we try to keep it that way.

Contact by Phone:

Greg Frye
President | Upright Communications
Phone: 513-258-2862
Fax: 513-672-9719
stack of tires photo