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You're There & We're Here!

You're There & We're Here!

Did you know that your friendly, knowledgeable account managers are located in Tampa, Fla?  And that we have other offices in the US, with most of our clients being from all over the country, especially the Midwest and Northeast!  Ever wondered how we conduct business with our other offices if we don’t see face-to-face?  We use awesome tools such as Google Hangout and Skype! We call it forward thinking!

If you are wondering if this is productive, you betcha! In fact, Upright Communications headquarters is located in Cincinnati and there are two other offices in California, in addition to the Florida office. Without a doubt, the Upright team is very productive, even if we are in separate locations. Every Monday, Upright Communications has a company meeting to update each other on our department news, information & tasks.

It only makes sense that an online, search engine optimization company uses the internet and online tools to its maximal potential.  We call ourselves internet gurus and we are constantly learning. Not only do we use Google Hangout and Skype but we also attend online seminars and conferences also known as webinars. We believe that knowledge is power and we aren’t closing the book!

The photo below is a screenshot taken during our latest Monday meeting!


The Upright Office Weekly Meeting


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