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You Can Read Minds?

You know that you have the best technicians in the area, you offer top notch customer service and you are a caring tire dealer who has your customer’s best interest at the forefront. All great qualities to have! We need to make certain the customers are aware of your businesses great qualities so they’ll choose you instead of the competitor!

The point we are trying to make, we (the account managers at Upright Tire or whomever manages your site) won’t know about the extra ‘fixings’ unless you share them with us. Once we get wind of the bells and whistles, we will showcase the features on your site. The account managers at Upright Tire are on a mission to promote your company’s website the best way possible. We ask you questions during the discovery call to learn more about your business. For example, we ask if your business is a member of a community organization or if your business has seasonal sales.

When consumers are shopping for tires, or in general, they are looking for the best deal. This means they are viewing your site and your competitor’s site to compare price and offerings. If your competitor offers free mounting and balancing and it does not say on your site that you do, chances of the consumer shopping with the competitor are high. The free mounting and balancing with the purchase of tires is a free add on for your customer and a special you may have been offering for quite some time. What you may consider to be a well-known offering, we may not have it reflected on the website, so be sure to share with us all those details!

In a nutshell…. We are giving you the right-of-way to brag about your business! So go ahead and brag about yourself, we are here to listen and convey!

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