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Why Your Online Reputation Is Important

Your auto shop’s reputation can be the defining factor that makes a new customer choose you over your competitors. Customers are less likely to get their vehicle serviced at a shop that has an excessive amount of low reviews with zero attempt at mitigation. There is no trust in this scenario. Conversely, auto shops that have a great reputation will have an easier time bringing in new customers. At the core, this is why managing your reputation can be extremely important for your auto shop’s growth.

Good Reputation Brings In New Customers

In this day and age, the majority of consumers do research to some degree before purchasing a product or service. The Internet is a great resource to conduct this research. Managing your online presence is where this can work in your favor. Potential customers, who are searching for a dependable auto shop, will be more inclined to choose you if you have positive reviews on platforms like Google My Business and Yelp. 

It is difficult for a business to only receive good reviews. There are some people who will leave negative reviews in order to incentivize the business to give them free product or service to compensate. In order for these reviews to not reflect poorly on your part, always leave responses to these comments. It is a good idea to ask them for the opportunity to make the situation right. However, if you can’t find a record of servicing them, feel free to call them out on it as politely as possible. Be firm, but polite.

Can Affect an Offline Business Too 

A misconception that some local businesses may have is that being offline makes them untouchable when it comes to having any sort of online reputation. This is not always the case. Don’t put it past people to write negative reviews online anyways – people love to rant about poor service or a disappointing product. All they have to do is include your name and location and your business has an online footprint. It is also not incredibly difficult to open listings on review sites that may not be actually managed by your business. Other potential customers don’t know that this isn’t you. 

What You Should Do

Our greatest recommendation is to go ahead and give your business an online presence that is managed by you or a trusted third party. We wouldn’t want anyone to falsify information that may be detrimental to your business’ success. Contact Upright Communications if you want us to manage your local listings. You’re busy enough – let us take this off your hands!  

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