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Why Respond to the Negative Reviews?

Every business with a website is (or should be) on a mission to get online reviews. Countless of studies show that consumers make a decision about companies before visiting their location. The positive reviews are great but how do we handle the negative ones?

You may be surprised to learn that it’s an Upright Communications best practice to handle the negative reviews just like a positive review…by responding!  Responding to the negative reviews will let others know that the business owner takes reviews seriously and truly wants to provide the best service.

Here are a few steps for responding to negative reviews:

  • Don’t take it personally.
    • Perhaps the reviewer had a bad day and was looking for a reason to let out some steam. Either way you shouldn’t take the negative review personally and respond emotionally.
  • Reach out to the reviewer.
    • Sometimes the situation is as simple as miscommunication. We’ve even experienced situations of calling the reviewer which resulted in them removing the negative review and replacing it with a positive review.
  • Respond to the review.
    • If you can’t get in contact with the person who left the review, respond to the review in a tactful way. Let them know you attempted to reach out to them and ask for them to reach out to you. If you got in contact with the reviewer but forgot to ask them to remove the review, respond in a way that lets other know the situation was resolved.

We don’t EVER encourage removing reviews. Most listing sites don’t allow you to remove a review so it’s best to simply respond. We are in the business of making you more business so that means responding to reviews, even the negative ones!  To get tips on how to respond to reviews check out this blog or how to ask for reviews check out this blog.

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