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Why Having A Duplicate Website is Bad, VERY Bad!

Just yesterday, one of our dealers called us asking about a domain they just discovered that had their logo, video, store information and even the same content from their current website, yet they didn’t know how it was created in the first place.  After talking about it, researching it and confirming with other parties, we figured out how it happened & who created it!  So without their knowledge, this media company created a website for them.  You may be thinking…. ‘Well heck, that can’t be too bad… the more the merrier’ or ‘more people will find us then’.  However, having more than one website will greatly affect your businesses’ performance online and it won’t be a good thing!

Here are the top reasons why a company should only have one website:

Duplicate content is a big no-no.  Search engines see duplicate content as creating a poor user experience and as a result, their algorithms penalize it.

Google rankings can be greatly affected by having more than one website because at one point or another, Google won’t be able to decide which website they want to have rank first so they will decide to not show either of them!

Customers can be greatly confused if a company has more than one website!  So even though we always keep a lookout for anything fishy, it’s possible that customers could find the wrong URL and not be able to get a hold of you!

If you find yourself in this situation, unknowingly, contact your account manager and we will help you contact the appropriate parties!  We are grateful to our client for letting us know about this site.

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