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What We've Been Up To!

Here at Upright Tire there are a lot of behind the scenes activities that aren’t always brought to your attention.  We make tweaks, updates and perform tests on your site’s behalf each and every week.  We recently just went through a comprehensive overhaul of the sites and wanted to alert you of the updates.

  • Privacy policy update
  • Spam blocker
  • Copyright 2014
  • Contact form auto responder
  • Social Media cleanup
  • MailChimp & Facebook
  • Clicktale implementation

For an explanation of each item, please see below.

Privacy policy update

A privacy policy is one of the most important documents on any website. It details your company’s views and procedures on the information collected from visitors.   The privacy policy link can be found in the footer (bottom) area of your website.

screenshot footer nav with Privacy policy link

Spam blocker – ‘Honey Pot’

We have updated our ‘spam’ system to be better capable of weeding out spam like emails before they arrive at your email inbox.  Your site will no longer have the 2+3 math captcha, but no need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Copyright 2014

Earlier in the year, we updated the footer of your website to include the current year, 2014.

Contact form auto responder

You have been receiving tests from Upright recently that was ensuring our new auto responder form is working properly.  The user will now see verbiage after their submission that alerts them that their form has been submitted successfully and someone from your shop will get back with them ASAP.

Social Media cleanup

You may have noticed a ‘cleanup’ of your Facebook page (for those who choose to have a Facebook account).  We have updated the cover page to be more streamlined, along with the information provided.

MailChimp & Facebook

For those with Facebook accounts and MailChimp email services, we have added a subscribe button to your Facebook account to make it easier for users to sign up to receive your email marketing emails each month.

Clicktale implementation

Clicktale is a company that specializes in user recording on your website.  We will be recording visitor activity (in video format) on your website to see what exactly the user is doing.  We will then be analyzing the findings and sharing with you our suggestions on what we can do to improve the user experience.

For more information regarding any of these activities, please give your manager a call!

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