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What Is Everybody ‘Chatting’ About?

In the past couple of days, we’ve been hearing about how Google will be testing a ‘Chat’ button feature on their local listings.  Though Google is simply testing this feature, it’s actually showing up in some search results – as depicted below.

Google chat screenshot

WildSo what exactly is this new feature that’s got not only SEO’s but business owners talking?  If the chat button is available for a business on either your desktop or mobile device, you can contact the business owner directly by way of text.  You would send over a message either asking a question about their hours or if they have something in stock and the business owner would actually respond directly within just a few seconds.  I’m sure you’ve seen a pop-up on websites that asks you if you need to speak with a representative while you’re visiting their site – this is basically the same thing, except it’s hosted by Google (specifically their Google Hangout app).

So what’s in store for the future – testing is sometimes just that – a test that never surfaces.  However, what if it becomes a feature available to all business owners?  How do you see your business using this feature?

For more information, give your account manager a call.  We would love to discuss what we think is in store!

Photo examples provided by Smart-Local.co.uk

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