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We’ll treat you like family, but not like your in-laws ;)

We’ll treat you like family, but not like your in-laws ;)

The tire gals always have something up our sleeves. Whether it’s sitting in on a webinar or learning more about the auto industry, we are always working to improve your business online. This past month we recorded a video to promote Upright Tire! Have you seen it? Check it out here.

The video introduces each account manager and their favorite part of the job. Jenn (to the left) loves tracking! Tracking visits to sites, clicks on links or mentions about your brand online. Colleen’s (centered) favorite part of the job is showing everyone on the web how great our tire dealers are. She is passionate about working with each dealer and making certain they are receiving the most from the program. Sarah (to the right) really enjoys researching new ways to help grow her clients business. Ranging from social media to local listings, Sarah makes it happen.

We don’t want to spoil the fun by revealing all the great information in the video. Learn when Upright Tire was established, why Upright Tire entered the auto industry and Upright Tire’s goals for clients. We will spoil one takeaway though; Upright Tire is NOT about creating a website and then never updating that site again! We are passionate about rankings and following the best practices for building relationships with search engines, on your website’s behalf.


Like we say, we will treat you like you’re family, but not like your in-laws.

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