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…We Will Find You!

Have you seen Wedding Crashers?

There is a part in the movie where the overly obsessive, stage five clinger, Gloria, falls in love with Jeremy and the love isn’t mutual. Jeremy finds himself in a bit of a situation with a bruised knee and his new love interest, Gloria is there to be his doctor. Gloria instantly gets mad when Jeremy denies wanting to do anything frisky with Gloria and causes her to get upset. Jeremy begins to agree with the crazy things Gloria says like, “don’t ever leave” and when Jeremy says, “Ever,” to calm down his crazy love interest. Gloria responds with, “Good because I’ll find you.”

[Watch the clip here http://goo.gl/mijD2E]

So where are we going here? At Upright Tire, we are big fans of URL Shortners and for many reasons. Mostly for the analytics behind the shortened URL. Another cool thing about using a shortener is that most people don’t know that it is a tracking URL. For example, when posting an unattractive and lengthy URL on Facebook to promote a coupon or rebate, utilizing a URL shortener makes the link less overwhelming and more appealing to click. Perhaps four people ‘liked’ the post but 26 people clicked on the link. Even further, all of our websites are tracked with features to let us know if the coupons are being clicked or where people are clicking on the site.

There are many URL shorteners out there such as Bitly or is.gd. It is important to do research to find the best URL shortener for you and your business. At Upright Tire, we sure do love tracking our URL’s to see what is working and what may not be working. Different shorteners have different features. Depending on the one you choose, you may be able to see real-time clicks, updates and data. The most interesting aspect of the shortener is knowing the demographics behind who is clicking on the links. That is the thing about technology, it is all tracked these days.

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