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Ways to Give Back

I don’t know about you, but I can say I’m thoroughly drained from hearing about COVID-19 stuff – here I am writing it in the first sentence of this blog. Ugh, sorry! Between the news (which is almost comical at this point) & the ‘Debby downer’ chatter that ensues with friends & strangers alike, the end in sight can often seem bleak! Similar to the virus itself, the topic seems to be permeating in our daily lives and there doesn’t seem to be much reprieve. However, in an effort to pull myself out of this funk, because it’s a funk! A big one (and don’t worry, I’m VERY aware I’ve got a lot to be thankful for, but still funks happen). I thought we could focus on an opportunity from this weirdness rather than the normal gloom & doom we’re all experiencing.

So, let’s start this blog over…(*Clearing throat* noise)

YAY! So it’s Thursday just in case you didn’t know (or it may be Friday by the time this post goes out – be sure to check the day lolol);-) Apparently a local news station has a whole segment focused on telling viewers what day it is! Funny! Anyways, it’s almost the weekend & it could be a great time for you to take a break, grab some coffee (or vodka tonic, no judgement) & think about what ways you or your shop could boost community service as a response to COVID-19. Not only does this clearly benefit the neighbors who need help but it also can help enhance your shop’s image – which never hurts!

Without focusing on it too much, we are all realizing that this pandemic has really caused a lot of folks to sufffer. Whether it’s unemployment, uncertainities, anxietites, etc., it seems that some of our best customers could really use a helping hand as of late. There have been several of you that have already made outreach attempts to your community & I applaud you. If you haven’t but are looking for ways to lend a hand (applauding you too!), here are small but significant opportunities for you to consider.

  • You may volunteer as a driver delivering meals and groceries throughout your town.
  • Maybe the most-immediate impact you may make in your area is providing tires and repairs to a charity that relies on its vehicles.
  • You may make a meaningful contribution simply by lending a hand to a family or senior on your block.
  • Offer to be a food bank dropoff location that accepts canned goods that you can donate to local charities/folks in need.
  • Consider donating to GiveDirectly – these folks are delivering cash to families impacted by COVID-19.
  • If your business is stable, I’ve learned that some dealers are offering later payment opportunities to those who really need their vehicle serviced but don’t have the extra cash flow at this time.
  • Shop dog? Why not! Consider fostering a homeless pet during this time. Ya never know, he/she could end up being the perfect companion for you and your family/shop.
  • Some shops are offering discounts on certain tire brands to their loyal customers – everybody loves a discount, right?
  • What other ways can you think of? How are you giving back? Let me know!

Oh and little note…I urge readers to follow safe procedures when offering these helpful services – obvi! But if you have the wherewithal, make a positive impact with local people less fortunate than you. I know I have.

Virtual hugs!

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