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Watch Out For User Generated Content on GMB

Although intuitive, Google My Business’ User Generated Content (UGC) can also be a thorn in a business’ side. UGC, which includes reviews, Q&As, and photos, can be created by any Google user. Yep, you read that right – any. That being said, your business is not above being the brunt of a (usually bad) joke from a user that has far too much time on their hands. 

Suggest an edit. With this tool, anyone can suggest an edit to any business listing which can be a very dangerous tool for non-owners to have access to. Edits will not usually be beneficial to a business. Luckily, claimed listings that are closely monitored will be able to react quickly and deny any pending changes. The same cannot be said about unclaimed listings who are usually unaware when edits happen. Depending on the severity of the edit, it could be completely deter potential customers from viewing your listing. This is bad for business.

Ask a question. Questions are not always written in seriousness and can pose a problem when your business is unable to answer it. If you catch the question early enough, you can flag it to get it removed.

Answer a question. Users can not only ask questions, they can answer their own question or existing questions. Your business does not want wrong answers floating around on your listing. Report answers that are just plain wrong and like the ones that hit the mark.

Add a photo. At the click of a button, any user can upload a photo to your listing. Trust us, the photo uploaded can leave little to be desired. If the photo is not applicable to your business, Simply report it.

Write a review. This is probably the most powerful tool that users have access to. Reviews can be great for your business but can also lead to your business’ downfall. Reputation management is a great way to address negative reviews that may be left on your listing. However, not all negative reviews are reflective of a customer’s experience with you. Some users will troll business and write reviews that are entirely false. Additionally, users may be writing reviews for a business that has the same name as your business. If it’s not your business’ fault, be honest and let them know. 

As you can see, Google users have quite a bit of control when it comes to your GMB listing. Monitor your listing closely for any suspicious activity and respond quickly. Your GMB is a representation of your business; it should be presented as accurately as possible. Contact Upright Communications if you need assistance monitoring your GMB listing!

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