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We All Want to Save Money, Right?

We all want to save a dime here and there because as we all know; each penny adds up! There are a handful of ways people try to save money such as downloading coupon apps, calling around for the best quote or searching for the best point system. What does this all mean for you? Take advantage of having coupons on your site by offering unique ways for customers to save money.

Each month our account managers complete a report of each tire dealer website that shows the most viewed pages on the site, rankings for keywords and other important information. Report after we report we see that the coupon & rebate page is one of the top three most viewed pages. It’s because people want to know how they can save money. Even if it is a couple of bucks!

Unique coupons can help generate more business. Coupons such as military, police and first responder discounts or ladies’ day savings on a certain day. Those are just two ways that can you offer a savings for your customers because we already know they’re looking for them!

You can count on Upright Tire to think of ways to help generate business for you! Our job is to help make your marketing efforts easier. Contact Upright Tire if you want to learn more about how to make the most of your online marketing efforts.

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