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Vehicle Repairs to Pay Attention to

My oil change light popped up as I was driving this weekend and I thought to myself, “Already?” So I called my friend in the automotive repair industry to try and ease my woes by complaining about how much maintenance a car requires.  Karen made an interesting comparison to changing my oil and changing my nephew’s diaper asking if I wouldn’t change his diaper if he needed it.

We take care of ourselves with hair appointments, doctor appointments, going to the gym and having self and rest time but tend to ignore the mode of transportation we use almost daily. Did you know that Americans drive about 37 miles a day on average? Why wouldn’t we take care of our vehicle?

Here are the 10 most common automotive repairs you should be paying attention to:

Brake Work

Wear and tear on brake pads will most likely happen more than once over the lifespan of a vehicle and is a moderately priced repair. If your brake system diagnosis is a disc, drum or rotor repair than you may see a higher bill due to more extensive work.

Oil Changes

It is recommended that you always follow your owner’s manual regarding oil change service but most oil changes are routine. By maintaining a regular oil change schedule you can lengthen the life of your engine and even has been show to help improve fuel efficiency.

Coolant System

The radiator and cooling system both fall into this category and have a wide range of prices depending on the service.


Tire patches or complete replacement is a fairly common service and these problems can occur for a number of reasons. Tire repair will be on the lower end of cost while full replacement can be more costly due to materials and work.

Ignition System

This includes battery, starter and ignition and has a wide range or pricing depending on if the part needs to be replaced or repair. Battery prices can also vary based upon brand and type.

Electrical System

Electrical systems problems car can vary from blown fuses, lamp bulbs but when it comes to a more serious issue it is best to let a trained professional diagnose and repair.

Fuel System

Vehicles consistently running with ¼ a tank or lower on a regular basis may lead to a clogged fuel pump. Fuel filters should be replaced on a regular basis and should be done by a professional.


Transmission repairs can be complicated and generally need a specialist or professional to perform repairs.


Again, these repairs can be complicated and costly due to the complexity so seek professional diagnosis and quote.

Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning systems can tend to gain problems over time and should also be repaired by a professional.

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