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Top Ways to Show Customers You Love Them!

Love is in the air! It’s Valentine’s Day after all. And what better way to celebrate love than by listing out the top ways to show it to your customers! Am I right?! Well, you may be thinking about that special dinner you’ll be enjoying tonight, but this is the next best thing 😉 

On this special day where we remember our loved ones, let’s also take some time to acknowledge and discuss how we can best show ‘love’ to the folks who keep the lights on in our shops! 

Investing in customer service pays big! Enthusiastic buyers have a higher average order value, purchasing frequency and tendency to tell their friends. In order to regularly show how much you care about them, not just on February 14th, here are some of our top things you must try! 

Acknowledge Their Contributions

When a user recommends ways to change or improve any aspect of your business, whether it be your website, customer service, etc., be prepared to act on their best feedback. Then, let the world know who deserves credit for the innovative idea.

Celebrate Fun Holidays

I’m alllllll for celebrating. Give me a silly holiday and I’ll be there with bells on. This can be applied to the shop too. Life is way too short to take it seriously. Hence why I try to dance every day & yes, sometimes it’s in the supermarket. But any who, let’s say you love fishing, celebrate National Go Fishing Day on June 18th and have your customers use a fishing rod to fish out coupons from a small tank. Just an idea. (not my best, but not terrible, you get where I’m going with this…Or at least we can only pray you do.) 

Extras &  Upgrades

Think ‘complimentary perks’. And you don’t have to lose money by doing this. Just build it into your pricing model. Just like how fancy hotels work… You meet a fantastic bartender who later sends up a bottle of wine to your room to thank you for spending time parked at the bar (no judgement, maybe you were there a little longer than you planned!). He has that allowance built in to gain rapport with his customers, I doubt he spent $60 of his hard earned cash on your bubbly! Smart. So if you can extend this idea to your employees, your customers may be wowed! 

Recognize Them on Social Media

Often times our own clients & dealers will have us draft up a little image or note to recognize a customer or two on social media. This idea goes along way. Whether they’ve been a long time customer and you just want to give a shout out and say ‘thank you’ or maybe you just got a review on Google that is so heartwarming you just HAVE to share. Post it on social media & recognize them for it. They’ll be tickled pink. They may even share it on their own social network, thus expanding the reach.

These, of course, are just a few ideas we conjured up! We know you’re creative and probably have a lot of ideas up your sleeves. If you do, let us know. Otherwise, we’re here to help you celebrate your customers. 

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