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Tips for Selling More Tires

Your goal is to sell more tires, right?

In order to sell more tires we need to learn more about our consumers. Asking questions about our consumers such as, do they have access to the internet, do they care about tire safety, do they check tread depth, etc. Understanding what is accessible and important to the consumer will help us sell more tires.

In a recent study, conducted by California Integrated Waste Management, consumers are better versed on tire buying than what we may initially realize. The biggest takeaway from the study is the observation that 72% of consumers have access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, thanks to the World Wide Web.  Users can quickly access a tire dealer in a matter of milliseconds. The study also revealed that 88% of consumers rate tire safety as ‘very important.’ Another finding to note is that 76% of consumers regularly check tread wear but 52% of drivers look for wear lines and 8% of consumers do the penny test.

What does this mean for us? It’s key that we take these findings into consideration when selling tires, either online or in the store. Here are a few tips to help sell more tires:

  • Make sure web content is designed and created for them to trust you as a tire dealer
    • This is our part and we’ve got you covered.
  • Let consumers know that you care about their tire safety
    • Because we know that they care about their tire safety
    • Lead the conversation with, “I am sure tire safety is important to you and this tire would be great for you because….”
  • Teach consumers how to check tire tread
    • Tire tread readings will be much more accurate (and probably done more often) if a tire dealer taught them how to read their tread. Teach them the penny test and convey the importance of tire safety.


We do our part to help drive foot traffic with strategic online marketing plans and we do our best to help give you tips to increase tire sales! See how Upright Tire can help you!

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