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Three Top Reasons Why Some Websites Outdo Others

Here at Upright Tire, we strive to learn more and more about the automotive industry to better serve you.  Like everyone, we’re constantly tapping into trusted resources, which is why we are subscribed to SEVERAL automotive blog sites.  In a recent article by one of those sources, Tire Review, we read an article about why some websites outperform others.  And as you know, our goal is for YOUR website to outperform all the other guys in your area.  Anything relating our expertise in websites to the automotive industry is always a plus!

Here’s what we’d like to share with you:

‘Content is KING’this phrase is said weekly at our offices!

According to Tire Review, your website content should include:

  • Prominently displayed contact information, including your shop’s address, phone number and social media icons – we recently just moved the icons to work better for you!
  • Easy-to-use forms, including requests for information (or contact) and even appointment scheduling
  • Product or service promotions conspicuously displayed on your home page and specials page
  • Promote events taking place in your area or at your shop

Be sure to alert your account manager if you’d like to start including appointment scheduling (if you aren’t already) and let them know about any promotions that are taking place!  Communication is also KING!

Website Usability

An interesting test of usability is to ask someone completely unfamiliar with your website to navigate around to find a specific product. Stand behind the person as they go about their search and just watch.  Take a note of what happens. If you find your website usability needs a tune-up, start with the commonalities between each viewer.

We have performed a variety of testing on your websites as we offer a proven solution to all your web needs, but should you have suggestions, questions or hear certain items from customers over and over again, please share with your account manager.

Mobile Responsiveness

Your website must allow for customers to easily transition from a smartphone to a tablet, or a tablet to a desktop, and have the same experience.

You currently have a website that is designed for both your desktop, along with your smartphone or tablet.  Should you have concerns or suggestions, you know who talk to!  We always love to hear from you.

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