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The New Pinterest Analytics Tool!

The New Pinterest Analytics Tool!

You may have remembered in our post Inside Scoop on Social Media Material that we mentioned Upright Tire has a Pinterest account. We shed light as to how we use our Pinterest page and our main goals behind the account. The account managers use Pinterest in a different way than most businesses. We utilize Pinterest as a way to organize the account manager’s suggestions for our tire dealer’s social media postings. Each account manager has a pin board of their ‘favorites’ and when it comes time to create the postings for the month, the creator takes ideas for each pin board to compile a months’ worth of diverse postings.

Without a doubt we are having a lot of fun! Pinterest recently launched an analytics platform that has enhanced our experience. We can now see what pins are getting the most attention and this helps us forecast what posts are going to do well or what posts we should use first.

A few notes from Pinterest analytics platform:

  1. The analytics is for business Pinterest accounts
  2. Add website verification for enhanced data
    1. Data such as popular pins, pinned directly from your site
    2. For example, we can get data from our blog posts that are pinned directly from our site using the ‘Pin-it’ button to our ‘Blog Post’ pin board
    3. Data includes information about the profile, audience and activity
      1. Average daily profile impressions
      2. Average daily viewers
      3. Average monthly engaged
      4. Average daily impressions
      5. Top pins and impressions
      6. Boards with the post impressions
      7. Clicks from website to Pinterest
      8. & so much more!

Of course, being S.E.O savvy, we were very excited about the new platform. There is so much insightful information and it is nice to see what is and what is not working on Pinterest. It is a great way to measure businesses social media efforts and shape what to change or improve. Make sure that your Pinterest account is a business account before accessing the URL (click here for Pinterest analytics). Pinterest is intuitive and can decipher business accounts from personal.

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