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Give Thanks!

Hey, in case you have been living without a television, under a rock or just a normal busy lifestyle, the holidays are here. No, seriously. Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK! We know and we can’t believe it either. And, as cheesy as it sounds we want to take a minute to reflect upon what we are thankful for this holiday season. So here is our list:

  1. First and foremost the obvious. We are thankful for good health, a roof over our heads, food in the fridge and family because without all of that there is no us.
  2. We are also thankful for everyone we work with. As a team, Upright provides an amazing environment and opportunities for growth as well as provides us with tools to create and develop new ideas and solutions to provide for our clients.
  3. OUR CLIENTS! Not only do they support our business but they also make us laugh! We personally find our clients also turning into friends and there is not a week that goes by where we do not get a positive comment or an interaction that doesn’t make us smile.

We are pretty fortunate but we also realize that at this time of year so many are not and if you are looking for ways to give back we have a few simple suggestions for the holidays.

Donate! We all have that extra coat, blanket or sweater in our closet and plenty of families in need are looking for those items. You can set up a quick box in the store and even offer an incentive such as %5 off a service in exchange for these donations.

Or! Internally collect those old items, or canned food items and donates to a local charity, shelter or even animal shelter! By one get one free offers are great for donations of any food, animal food, toys etc. as well!

And as always, this is a GREAT opportunity to present on social media, your website or monthly email and network with local organizations! Make sure to snap a picture of your donations and email your account managers so that we can show off the good deeds. We are happy to help!

Have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving!

Sarah, Colleen & Jenn

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