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Handling a Bad Case of Fake Reviews

We’ve been talking about the importance of business reviews on Google and Facebook for a few years now. Office chatter each day at work always has something to do with reviews in some capacity because it’s just that important for businesses. We’ve done a lot of research and listened to  Read more »

Are You Asking for Reviews?

Reviews are so important for your business. Customers are always inclined to write reviews for businesses they love. All you have to do is simply ask the happy customer to leave your business a review on Google or Facebook. If they don’t have either platform, simply encourage them to write  Read more »

Why Respond to the Negative Reviews?

Every business with a website is (or should be) on a mission to get online reviews. Countless of studies show that consumers make a decision about companies before visiting their location. The positive reviews are great but how do we handle the negative ones? You may be surprised to learn  Read more »

Respond to Reviews!

Respond to Reviews!

Gaining online reviews are all the craze these days in the online marketing industry. We encourage you to embrace this new epidemic for all of the great benefits. There are two great ways to adapt to the power of reviews. To make it simple, we’ve created a two-step checklist. Ask  Read more »

Moo Who?

Have you ever thought about how you could use business cards for more than just handing out at networking events?  Sure, having your name and personal information on a card that you can give to people when meeting them is great, but what if you could get creative with it?  Read more »

Highlights of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show

Highlights of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show Growing up in Chicago, going to the Chicago Auto Show (CAS) at McCormick Place was an event akin to something you would see in the movie, “A Christmas Story.” Mom bundled us up, piled us in the car and we all drove into  Read more »

New Year, New Gear with Upright Tire

Part of my New Year’s Eve this year consisted of a heated debate on how to pronounce our new, upcoming year. Is it “two thousand and fourteen?” “Twenty- fourteen?” Or we could go a whole other route and old school it with 2K14, my personal favorite. While the debate was  Read more »

How to Gain Reviews Without Becoming “That” Person

The hunt for reviews There is no magic way for a business owner to obtain reviews. No magic amount of direct mailers, social media efforts or advertising can impact a customer the way an objective peer review can. In a world of self-expressive social media, it is not what you  Read more »