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Standout Among the Crowd!

The internet is saturated with businesses vying for the attention of potential customers. Whether users are searching on the Internet for a local business or a piece of art for their home, the competition is fierce.  However, it helps when you have an SEO company working with you to make  Read more »

Amazon’s Selling Feature!

Amazon has a new selling feature that may be right up your alley. It’s a new marketplace for service providers that is designed to get your business in front of the right customer. It even gives business owners the ability to set an ‘out-the-door’ price. We think this is a  Read more »

4 Tips for E-Mail Marketing

4 Tips for E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a great way to nurture relationships with customers. If you don’t have an e-mail marketing campaign already set up, contact your account manager (pst…it’s part of your program). Like most marketing tactics, e-mail marketing requires skill. Don’t worry, it’s a skillset that we can learn and master!  Read more »

Reporting Red Flags!

If there is one task that weighs heavily on priority, it’s monthly reporting. Monthly reports are the best way to evaluate the success of your SEO program. This is how you can see if you are getting ‘bang for your buck.’  We can’t speak for all monthly reports for every  Read more »

Customer Retention is King!

Customer retention hasn’t always been in the forefront of marketing efforts.  In fact, many business owners put it very low on their priority list.  Most focus on ‘driving sales’ – which makes sense, who doesn’t want new business?  However, there is actually evidence that existing customers are more valuable than  Read more »

Don’t be a Grinch!

As we approach the holiday season there is one thing we’ve got to keep in mind, our customer service. During the holiday season things tend to get chaotic. People are in a rush to check everyone off their giving list and there seems to not be enough time in the  Read more »

Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Google

Did you know…..? Google’s design is so sparse in part because the original designers didn’t know HTML? In fact, the logo wasn’t even centered on the page until 2001! In 2013, Google suffered a black out that took down all of its services for five minutes. According some analysts the  Read more »

SEO Math 101: Simplifying Why Local SEO is Relevant

Here at Upright we are passionate about helping provide Local SEO to our small business clients, many of which have become friends throughout their duration with our company! Still, many of our friends just don’t understand why, when they pay, their site does not show up at the top of  Read more »

The New Pinterest Analytics Tool!

The New Pinterest Analytics Tool!

You may have remembered in our post Inside Scoop on Social Media Material that we mentioned Upright Tire has a Pinterest account. We shed light as to how we use our Pinterest page and our main goals behind the account. The account managers use Pinterest in a different way than  Read more »

Local Search: Are We There Yet?

Local Search: Are We There Yet?

Local Search: Are We There Yet? The question “How long does it take to rank in local search?” is a frequent question we field and the answer is about as complicated as your teenage daughter! Our data was found through a Bright Local study released August 1st and we have  Read more »