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SEO & Social Media

Written by: Jenn Johnson At one point in time, roughly a few years ago, social media had their own department and SEO had their own department. Fast forward to present day and you’ll see that social and SEO are now sharing the same office space, sort of speak. The information  Read more »

Google My Business Updates

Written by: Jenn Johnson It’s that time of the year folks, Google My Business has updated a few things. We always get a little bit excited when Google releases a local update because that means Google wants to make sure businesses are getting discovered on search results. {Insert claps and  Read more »

The Importance of Accurate Business Listings

By Jenn Johnson Google is a very intuitive and smart search engine that can pull information regarding your business and creating a listing for you. It’s important to have the information accurate so that potential customers can easily find you. Besides the simple fact of claiming the listing so customers  Read more »

Call Tracking vs. Google Dashboard

Written by: Jenn Johnson Call tracking is a great way to see how many people call your business based off of site visits. It’s a best practice to have the tracking number on the website, and only the website, with the ‘real’ number on the local listings. That way, the  Read more »

Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Google

Written By: Sarah Martisek Did you know…..? Google’s design is so sparse in part because the original designers didn’t know HTML? In fact, the logo wasn’t even centered on the page until 2001! In 2013, Google suffered a black out that took down all of its services for five minutes.  Read more »

SEO Math 101: Simplifying Why Local SEO is Relevant

SEO Math 101: Simplifying Why Local SEO is Relevant Written by: Sarah Martisek Here at Upright we are passionate about helping provide Local SEO to our small business clients, many of which have become friends throughout their duration with our company! Still, many of our friends just don’t understand why,  Read more »

Shark Tank Investments for your Website

Written by: Jenn Johnson I am not one to watch a lot of television and I only have two shows I follow closely, Duck Dynasty and Shark Tank. While these shows are very different from each other, I learn a lot from them and apply them to my everyday life.  Read more »

Local Search: Are We There Yet?

Local Search: Are We There Yet?

Local Search: Are We There Yet? Written By: Sarah Martisek The question “How long does it take to rank in local search?” is a frequent question we field and the answer is about as complicated as your teenage daughter! Our data was found through a Bright Local study released August  Read more »