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Accurate Google My Business Listing is Key this Holiday Season

Local listings have and always will be important but they are extra important during the holiday season. The most popular listing service on the internet is Google My Business listings. If you are a client of ours, do not worry, we’ve already taken care of claiming, optimizing and prepared your  Read more »

Rev Up Your Google My Business Listing

Time and time again we stand on our rooftops and shout the important of a Google My Business listing. We’ve covered this a handful of times in blog posts such as this one and this one. Today, we are talking about how you can really rev up your listing. After  Read more »

Are You Claimed on Google?

Google My Business listings are gold on Google! The big question we have for you is… is your business claimed on Google? If you’re not sure here is how you can quickly find out. Type in the name of your business in Google + zip code There should be a  Read more »