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Should I have a Facebook Business Page for Multiple Locations?

No, you should not have multiple Facebook business pages for multiple locations. The answer is quite simple… there is no major benefit. Some people think that if you have multiple Facebook business pages then you can double (or triple, quadruple, etc.) the exposure for the company. This is totally false.  Read more »

How to Succeed on Facebook without Really Trying

How to Succeed on Facebook without Really Trying

2014 was a big year for social media with many businesses joining the trends of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other popular social media platforms. Many use this as a way to personalize their business and connect with potential customers. So how can you stand out amongst the hundreds of other  Read more »

Inside Scoop on Social Media Material

Remember the post, Social Media – Have Fun with It? We covered the basics of social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We learned that it is important to follow the 80/20 rule, 80 percent of the content is fun and not directly related to the company and  Read more »

Social Media – Have Fun with it!

A lot of times, people get intimidated by social media. What is this thumbs-up button? Who just tweeted me? What on earth does a pound sign mean? You pinned what? Deep breaths! Social media can totally be overwhelming. Just looking at the questions above is a bit crazy. The world  Read more »