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Goodyear – The Future of Tire Buying

Written by: Sarah Martisek It is no secret that Goodyear announced their intentions to become the first major tire maker to open a direct e-commerce line to consumers. Expected to launch sometime in the second quarter this program will be driven through its website and be supported by both  Read more »

Spooky Sounds and Other Vehicle Goblins

Written By: Sarah Martisek Doors that creak, brakes that shriek, a motor that moans and groans and a haunted radio that only sometimes works are sounds made for an automotive horror movie. If these goblins are ignored they are likely to become louder and potentially dangerous for you and your  Read more »

SEO Math 101: Simplifying Why Local SEO is Relevant

SEO Math 101: Simplifying Why Local SEO is Relevant Written by: Sarah Martisek Here at Upright we are passionate about helping provide Local SEO to our small business clients, many of which have become friends throughout their duration with our company! Still, many of our friends just don’t understand why,  Read more »

How to Protect your Tires and Wheels from Theft

Written By: Sarah Martisek How to Protect Your Tires and Wheels from Theft Wheel and tire thefts are widely reported and a common problem for many car owners but do you know if your car is at risk? A car thief can remove one tire within 16 seconds as seen  Read more »

Vehicle Repairs to Pay Attention to

Written by: Sarah Martisek My oil change light popped up as I was driving this weekend and I thought to myself, “Already?” So I called my friend in the automotive repair industry to try and ease my woes by complaining about how much maintenance a car requires.  Karen made an  Read more »

Making Connections: Google+ Business Page Now Connects to Google Maps Listing

Written by: Sarah Martisek As of early June, Google has enabled businesses with a Google+ page to connect to their local business listing on Google Maps. By connecting these two pages it will provide a more streamlined editing process as well as an easily accessible dashboard for any listing manager.  Read more »

Email Marketing: Friend or Foe to Business?

Written by: Sarah Martisek I bought my mother a sweater this Christmas from a company which will remain nameless and I have thought of them every day since. Why, you may ask? I receive an email from this company once a day promoting their business and while I appreciate a  Read more »

Highlights of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show

Written by: Sarah Martisek Highlights of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show Growing up in Chicago, going to the Chicago Auto Show (CAS) at McCormick Place was an event akin to something you would see in the movie, “A Christmas Story.” Mom bundled us up, piled us in the car and  Read more »

New Year, New Gear with Upright Tire

Written by: Sarah Martisek Part of my New Year’s Eve this year consisted of a heated debate on how to pronounce our new, upcoming year. Is it “two thousand and fourteen?” “Twenty- fourteen?” Or we could go a whole other route and old school it with 2K14, my personal favorite.  Read more »

SEMA 2013 – It’s a wrap!

SEMA 2013 – It’s a wrap!

Written by: Sarah Martisek   SEMA 2013 – It’s a wrap! While we all wish we were in Las Vegas last week for the greatest automotive toy show in the U.S.- not all of us could tear away from the office to enjoy everything Vegas has to- erhm- offer. Never  Read more »