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Surveys for Customers on the Go!

Surveys can be a great tool when it comes to getting feedback from your customers.  In fact, many of you already have surveys on your website.  And if you don’t already, please contact your account manager and we can get this set-up for you (note, it’s part of your program).  Surveys allow you to conveniently ask for opinions about your business without you doing much work at all.  You provide the general topics of concern, we create the survey, and then we monitor the responses each week.

Not only is monitoring absolutely crucial (you can learn a ton from feedback), but actually getting the survey right is where it becomes tricky!  Sure, we’ve done our research and have all the questions ready, but what if people just aren’t completing the surveys…. Is it because it’s too long?  Are there too many open-ended questions?

One important aspect is making sure that your survey is mobile friendly – just like how your sites are.  And it’s not even just being mobile friendly; it’s about catering to people on the go.  Here are our top tips when it comes to creating surveys for people who aren’t always home or at their desk.

  1. Keep it short: Make sure your survey is not overly long
  2. Send survey during peak hours: Studies show that surveys are generally taken on weekdays. However, mobile users are more likely to take surveys on weekends!
  3. Question Types: The multiple choice question type is your friend. Stay away from too many open ended questions.
  4. Answer choices: Single or multiple choice answer options that are easy to scroll through work best.
  5. Test, test, and test again: Pull your survey up on your mobile browser to test any ‘Skip Logic’, check for typos, and the make sure the overall look and feel of the survey is on point.

For additional survey ideas, check out the tool we use: Survey Monkey

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