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Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Google

Did you know…..?

Google’s design is so sparse in part because the original designers didn’t know HTML? In fact, the logo wasn’t even centered on the page until 2001!

In 2013, Google suffered a black out that took down all of its services for five minutes. According some analysts the outage caused a 40% dip globally in internet traffic.

Employees at Google are called “Googlers” and new employees are called “Nooglers.”

15% of Google searches that happen each day have never been searched before.

Google takes 200 factors into consideration for each search in just a quarter of a second before providing you with results.

There are more than 200 Google searches per second!

Fun Uses for Google

If you go to Google Maps, click on satellite view and zoom out as much as possible you can see an amazing view of earth with real time shadows. You can also see real time clouds if you zoom in twice.

If you search “Atari breakout” in Google Images  you can play the game.

You can go to Google Mars and see a map of Mars!

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