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Spooky Sounds and Other Vehicle Goblins

Doors that creak, brakes that shriek, a motor that moans and groans and a haunted radio that only sometimes works are sounds made for an automotive horror movie. If these goblins are ignored they are likely to become louder and potentially dangerous for you and your passengers.

Don’t let your vehicle surrender to these spooky sounds especially when many of these noises have a specific reason that may need attention.  Read on to better understand some common ear traffic you may hear while driving in your vehicle.

Spooky Sound: Braking creates groaning or grinding noises.

That grinding you hear can be a tell-tale sign of worn brake pads eating into your brake rotors. If your vehicle makes a groaning noise this can often indicate symptoms of inferior brake pad problems.

Spooky Sound: A buzzing or humming while driving straight that will increase when turning in one direction but quiets a bit when turning the opposite direction.

A possible explanation could be a hub bearing problem which can lead to steering and handling difficulties. Make sure to have this fixed quickly! Ignoring this sound could lead to excessive tire wear from this dilemma.

Spooky Sound: Screeching coming from the front or back wheels while braking.

This can be an indication of brake wear and possibly that your brake pads may soon need replacement. Another possibility could be rotor corrosion making it a smart idea to have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible!

Spooky Sound: Upon first starting your vehicle, the engine emits a piercing ghoulish sound.

This can be related to your drive belts/serpentine belts or anything that works with this particular part of your car. This is reason to have your vehicle inspected ASAP as it may be a simple or more serious solution!

Spooky Sound: Creaks while going over bumps when traveling.

A first you may think this is a shock absorber issue but it can more likely be a problem with the struts. If struts happen to be the reason, it is best to replace them as soon as you’re able. If replacement is delayed too long it could result in a more costly fix.

Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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