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Showcasing Positive Reviews – Google My Business

Google My Business, AKA GMB, will begin to automatically suggest positive reviews that can be shared as happy customer testimonials via Google Posts.

It is stated that suggestions will appear on the Dashboard when signing in to Google My Business, and they may even be sent to business owners in an email notification. Only recent reviews with a positive rating (either 4 or 5-star) will be suggested. Owners will even have the option to edit the review before it goes out to the masses.

As usual, Google announced that this is a roll out and not all GMB accounts will see this feature right away. In fact, I’ve only seen it on one tire dealer’s local listing. Otherwise, it seems to be a slow roll out. Below is an example of how it looked when we posted –

Google is suggesting that Google Posts make for an effective way to share your positive reviews.

When this does roll out to all the stores, here are some creative ways to use ‘em:

  • Posts can include call-to-actions (CTAs for short), which can be used strategically & creatively when sharing reviews.
    • For example, let’s say a customer leaves a rave review about a particular service you did on their vehicle, you can add a CTA with a link to that specific service page.
  • Posts can also include up to 10 images and even videos, which can be useful for adding more context to a review. Think a happy customer video interview!

We are patiently waiting for this roll out and look forward to creatively using these suggested Google Posts. If you’re not an Upright Tire client, just holler at us and we can help. Otherwise, Upright folks, we got you!

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