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Should I Track Social Media Posts?

The answer is yes! You should track your social media posts. Tracking social media efforts will help your marketing team understand what is and what is not working. If you just post and glance at the social media pages every so often you won’t get a clear understanding of successful or unsuccessful postings.

Now, all of our Upright Tire accounts don’t have to worry about a thing. Our internal social media team has this all under control. We track all aspects of social media postings and it’s been such a big help for us!

If you are in the beginning stages of tracking your social media efforts here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Start a spreadsheet and each tab of the sheet can be for a social media platform. List all of the profiles you are managing and have a team member double check. It’s easy to forget a profile!
  2. Organize your spreadsheet to include a color code system for measuring.
    1. Example: Yellow means 20+ likes, Purple means 15-19 likes, etc.
  3. Now, let’s format your measurement tool. Be sure to include a spot for ‘notes’, the date, the name of the post, amount of engagement and the amount of people the post reached.
  4. At the bottom, leave a section to add up the engagement and the reach. This will give you an idea of which postings have the best reach and engagement. From there, you can look for more postings that fit within that category.

Here is a visual of what our measurement doc looks like:


This is only a small bit of how much Upright Tire’s social media team measures social media efforts. Our team also tracks new likes, reviews and has a section for the most successful postings. Manually tracking social media efforts also uncovers little errors such as multiple postings, missing postings, time errors and more. It’s just a way to have more acute attention to detail, and we like attention to detail!

If you have questions about tracking social media efforts, just contact us here or on social media! We’d love to help!

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