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Should I have a Facebook Business Page for Multiple Locations?

No, you should not have multiple Facebook business pages for multiple locations. The answer is quite simple… there is no major benefit. Some people think that if you have multiple Facebook business pages then you can double (or triple, quadruple, etc.) the exposure for the company. This is totally false. In order to fully understand the main reason as to why you shouldn’t have multiple Facebook business pages we need to cover how Facebook pages are populated in Google.

There have been numerous articles covering the topic of whether or not Facebook posts populate on Google. Matt Cutts, head of search spam for SEO, stated in early 2014 that Google does not give Facebook posts ranking leverage. There are a lot of reasons why Facebook posts don’t populate on Google and the main reason has to do with the information in the post. The information in the post could be (and a lot of times is) outdated and Google doesn’t want to produce outdated information in search results. However, the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/YourBusinessPage) URL will populate on Google but not induvial postings.

Here are a few additional reasons as to why you shouldn’t have multiple Facebook business pages for multiple locations:

  • Takes more time to manage each page
    • Consider how much time it could take if you are responding to reviews on 5 different Facebook business pages.
  • It can be confusing for the user
    • We want to make it easy for the user, not more difficult!
  • The posting strategy will fall flat
    • It’s a bit silly to post the same content on the same Facebook business pages which makes having more than one page unnecessary. Or, if you have different sets of content for the different pages then you’re not being productive with your time.

There are a few key ways to implement a Facebook page that meets the demands of multiple locations. If you need advice on how to set up a Facebook business page, please reach out to Upright Tire! We are ready to assist you and your online marketing strategy.

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