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Shark Tank Investments for your Website

I am not one to watch a lot of television and I only have two shows I follow closely, Duck Dynasty and Shark Tank. While these shows are very different from each other, I learn a lot from them and apply them to my everyday life. I learn from Duck Dynasty that family comes first, no matter how crazy they may be, and I learn from Shark Tank that life is an investment.

One of my favorite sharks, Kevin O’Leary, gave investment advice to a group who entered the Shark Tank that made quite an impression on me. While I can’t seem to find the video to relay the quote verbatim, it went along the lines of this:

‘It isn’t always wise to sell less equity to save money on your investment. At times, selling more of your equity to get more value out of your investment is better.’

The situation in the Shark Tank was to partner with a shark that offered 150K for 20% of the company with a shark that could bring little value to the company or another shark that offered 150K for 30% of the company with a shark that could bring much more value to the table. Sure, the first offer sounds appealing by not selling 10% more of your company. Will saving 10% equity with a shark that brings little value to the table really achieve the business goals you have in mind? Doesn’t seem worth the 10% savings.

I compared this situation to choosing a website development / search engine optimization agency. At times, we see a lot of businesses looking at the cost of the program rather than the value of the program. We can’t tell you how many programs we’ve seen out there that will offer a ‘free’ website or a package that is 20% cheaper than ours. The problem with this is that the business doesn’t take into account the value that the more expensive (our) program offers.

We are aware of our competitors and what they offer. We’ve completed research on their programs and uncovered that while you may be saving money, the value for your business isn’t there. We’ve witnessed careless errors on the ‘free’ or reduced costs sites, duplicated content that directly affects ranks and unkempt sites that feature a summer coupon in the winter.

At Upright Tire, we are 100% committed to you. That is why you’ll work with one account manager throughout your program, we use unique content, pay close attention to detail to your site & keep an eye on the sites ranking status. Upright Tire is continuously working on improving our program from instant quote features to detailed tire search reports. While our program may not be ‘free’ or 20% cheaper than our competitor, the value in our program is unmeasurable & the genuine service you get is priceless. Like we’ve said before, ‘We will treat you like your family, but not like your in-laws.’

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