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SEO & Social Media

At one point in time, roughly a few years ago, social media had their own department and SEO had their own department. Fast forward to present day and you’ll see that social and SEO are now sharing the same office space, sort of speak.

The information about a brand or company should be the same across all channels of online marketing. Whether that is a website, social media, or a business listing. The information should be the same but the message can be a little bit different. Which is why social media and SEO have become more intertwined.

To some degree, more attention is spent on social media and business listings than on websites. That’s not to say that websites aren’t important, because they most certainly are very important. However, managing what others say about your business or brand online (aside from your website) is very important. In this day of age, people will comment on social media to have a conversation with the a brand / business. Studies have shown that people want to see and engage in authentic conversation with customers. Speaking of authentic customers, this is why Twitter is such a big deal. It’s a platform for an authentic conversation. Twitter is also a launchpad for conversation that cannot be ignored.

…We digress. The main message we’re trying to send you is to pay extra close attention to the messaging of your brand, communicating as your brand and your brand aside from your website. So long are the days of simply just having a website!

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