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Secure Your Facebook Account with These Steps!

We see posts all the time on Facebook, “Someone hacked my account. Don’t click on any messages I sent you.”  A lot of the time hacks on social media are done by a spammer who wants to gather information. Or, hacks happen on social media because logins are too easy to figure out. Since business pages are tied to a personal Facebook account it’s important to make sure our personal profiles are totally secure. Think of the happiness a hacker would have if they were able to get access to your business page as well?

We can make hackers sad by making it super difficult to hack your personal Facebook account. Check out these super helpful security measures that are proven to work. We know they are proven to work because it flagged one of our employees Facebook page when someone in Miami attempted to access her account {insert creepy feeling here}.

To begin, sign in to your Facebook account and click on the lock and choose “See more settings” at the bottom of the drop down (photo below). From there, choose the second option in the left navigation titled “Security” (photo below). The security settings listed below that are in bold font are highly recommended.

  1. Login Alerts – make sure you choose to get notifications if someone logs into your account from a new device or browser.
    1. This is how our employee found out someone tried to access her account.
  2. Login Approvals – if you (or someone) knows your password but is accessing from a new browser then you will get a text with a code. If it’s you, no big deal just type in the code. If it’s not you, you’ll know something weird is going on.
  3. Code Generator– same as above, just allows you to find the code in your Facebook app.
  4. App Password- some Facebook apps don’t receive the codes, which can lock you out. You can opt for an app password where the code will be sent to an app, such as Jabber, Skype, Xbox. (Tip: If you’re using an iPhone you should be able to skip this step.)
  5. Trusted Contacts – let your BFF help you access your account if you log yourself out.
  6. Your Browser and Apps- this keeps a record of popular bowers and apps you use to access your Facebook account.
  7. While You’re Logged In– this allows you to see where you are currently logged in and it should be from your desktop or mobile device. If it’s some foreign location like China… change your password in a flash.
  8. Legacy Contact- if you were to pass away, Facebook will give the person who chose permission to post certain items to your timeline. This is kind of like a Facebook Will. You can also give that person permission to download posts and photos that you made. It’s a way for your Facebook memories to forever live after you’re gone.
  9. Deactivate Your Account- …in case you just want to remove all ties with Facebook. However, please make sure your business page has a new admin so your business page isn’t totally lost!


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