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Saying “Buh-Bye” to Poor Phone Skills

We’ve all been there, done that!   We call a business and after what seems like countless rings, a bored, tired employee answers the phone and mumbles a “Hello?”  All the sudden, we feel like we have the wrong phone number and ask the person on the other line to verify we’ve called the right business.  The staffer then says “Yeah” and asks you to hold.  That type of situation right there is the difference between success and failure.  If it were me, I would hang up and move on to the next business in town that can actually speak proficiently on the phone and instill trust in me as the customer.

Your employee’s phone skills will be the FIRST impression a caller has with your store and it must be a good one.  Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! Learning how to properly converse on the phone can make a BIG difference in the success of your tire shop.  Continue reading to see what your company can do to bring that customer into the store, every time.

Typically, callers to a shop are one of three types: Callers asking for information, price, or availability of a tire, wheel or service

No matter the type of caller, here is a list of ways for you to engage the prospect and ultimately have the opportunity to make them a customer for life- because let’s be honest- YOUR COMPANY ROCKS!

  1. Does a genuine, caring attitude come across when answering the call?
  2. Do you smile (trust me, they’ll know)?
  3. Do you introduce yourself and thank the customer for calling? i.e. Good morning, thanks for calling tire store, this is Roger; How can we help you today?
  4. Do you ask for the caller’s name?
  5. When caller is inquiring about a tire price, do you engage them in conversation rather than just giving them the price? (What kind of vehicle do you have?)
  6. Do you quote a range of prices starting with the lowest price point?
  7. Do you mention amenities your business offers?
  8. Do you invite the customer to stop in and show them the product (this is called “asking for the sale”)
  9. Do you schedule an appointment time in the same week?
  10. Do you follow-up as promised?

By following these simple steps, not only will your customers be more satisfied, but you’ll be a happier business owner!

Don’t forget that they called YOU for YOUR help, so sell, sell, sell!

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