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Safest Dash on the Road

Did you know the average American adult spends about an hour a day driving?

A company that recently won the grand prize in the U.S. Department of Energy Apps for Vehicles Challenge is gearing up to change how consumers drive. Through the new app Dash, one can turn their vehicle into a moving data platform with the simple download of an application and installation of a “dongle,” a kind of hardware key that takes less than two seconds to install.

While this project is only 15 months into the life of its development, Dash is already about halfway to a $1 million fundraising round. Founders Jamyn Edis and Brian Langel are working with a 7-10 person team to get the smartphone app and its “dongle” hardware into a beta version.

So what is so great about Dash? First and foremost it aims to help create a safer road environment for everyone by keeping the driver aware of their driving habits and suggests improvements with a “score” type measurement. The higher the score the better the driver and if you don’t care to know your personal score you can always get competitive with friends for the “best driver” title. By connecting Dash with your iPhone or Android device you can unlock information about how and where you are driving as well as revisit previous trips. Dash enables a feature that notifies friends and family immediately if you are in an accident and you can get 911 services to the scene faster. Dash can also give you a full diagnostic report if your car breaks down with the estimate of repair costs so you always know what you are paying for. Your dashboard will compile your total driving information into the dashboard on your app, making it easy to share.

The company has tested its software and hardware on more than 300 car models in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, France and the U.K. While Dash is not totally unique, as seen with companies such as Progressive and All-State, it looks at over 300 data points and insurance company apps only look at three. Insurance companies also advertise this to help lower a rate and claim it will not increase your current rate however; they can drop you from their plans. Dash is meant to help drivers, not insurance companies.

Not only can this be helpful for the day to day analysis of one’s own habits driving but can really be utilized in our newest drivers on the road, keeping parents informed of safe driving as well.

I have signed up to test a product on my Jeep and look forward to seeing my “score” and how I can make the road safer for everyone.


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