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Review Schemes to Avoid

Reviews are a crucial aspect of SEO and are a pivotal deciding factor when prospective customers are doing a once-over of your business. However, due to the competitive landscape, some shady practices and review schemes have emerged.

Google and the FTC are aware of these malpractices and are going to be implementing a no tolerance policy. If your business is caught engaging in these schemes, Google will delete all your reviews connected to the scheme. This could be detrimental to your business and SEO strategy.

Below we have listed four review schemes to avoid. It can be a mixed bag…. you may find yourself participating in some of these ‘schemes’. So take it with a grain of salt and do your best to get reviews organically! 

Review Contests

While these are very common, they are still illegal. A typical review contest includes entering all reviewers into a raffle to win a vacation, gift card, prize, etc. This might seem like a harmless way to encourage more reviews, but you still are not allowed to incentivize reviewers.

Discounted or Free Services

Yup, you guessed it. Your business is not allowed to offer discounted products or services in exchange for a review. This could be something as small as a drink! Yes, Google has punished businesses for this.

Review Swaps

A review swap is when two people work out a deal in which one reviews the other’s product or service and the other person involved returns the favor. This is illegal as well because it is not legitimate and is manipulating the system.

Friends & Family Reviews

Many business owners have attempted to abuse the review system by requesting friends and family members to post reviews. However, these still are “fake” or illegitimate customer experiences and likely have a large, obvious bias.

Of course, we encourage reviews for your business, but it is important to keep in mind that there are safe and legal methods to obtain reviews. You can train your staff to request reviews in-person after a positive customer experience! Plus a plethora of other ways to get reviews.

Additionally, we want to mention that negative reviews are not a completely bad thing. Negative reviews pose an opportunity for your business to express its customer service protocol. You can attempt to contact the reviewer and have them contact your business to resolve the complaint. It is crucial to use professional and friendly wording and tone no matter how sour or rude the review might be.

In conclusion, reviews are supposed to work for your business. It is important to plan your review strategy, but to also be transparent and use ethical practices.

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