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Rev Up Your Google My Business Listing

Time and time again we stand on our rooftops and shout the important of a Google My Business listing. We’ve covered this a handful of times in blog posts such as this one and this one. Today, we are talking about how you can really rev up your listing. After all, it is in your benefit.

Google offers attributes that you can add to the page and we encourage you to view them and see what you can add. There are a couple of key importance topics that shouldn’t be missed which are: accessibility and amenities.

The term accessibility on the listing means is there a wheelchair entrance and bathroom. This is a really important attribute that we encourage you to update. It’s helpful to know in advance if a business has this type of accessibility for planning a trip.

The second important attribute is the amenities section. This section has 4 options which are: gift wrapping, mechanic, restroom and unisex restroom. This is also helpful for customers when they plan a visit to your business.

The last few options in the attributes section are: offerings, payments and planning. The categories for these options are dependent on the listing but for us it’s very much auto service cantered. For example, offerings include a tab for ‘oil change’.

Google My Business Listings are becoming more and more important as they evolve. It’s a big deciding factor for potential customers when they are in the process of choosing a business. The more information you have on your listing, the better! Reach out to Upright-Tire if you ever have questions about your listing. We are happy to help!

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