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Retail Revolution

WARNING: Be prepared to be awesome after reading this article

Are you a regular customer of a business that treats you right EVERY TIME, not just when you’re buying their products or using their services?  You trust them to do the right thing, they go above and beyond what’s required of them, they help you solve problems and they exhibit a selfless attitude that keeps you coming back for more?  Wouldn’t we love more businesses we frequent to be just like this? Both corporate companies and small companies alike can learn ways to not only better their businesses, but the industry as a whole.

We often think of ourselves as being in competition with other business in our industry, like the big, corporate tire shop down the road (ahem, Wal-Mart).  We feel like we’re constantly trying to beat their deals and get more customers into the door without focusing on retention.  But what we SHOULD be thinking about is setting our sights on the noble purpose of serving people, it inevitability helps the industry too.  By improving the industry as a whole, we’re now competing to improve upon our products- and more importantly help our customers ENJOY their experience.  Because let’s be serious, it’s typically not that fun to spend money on our cars- unless of course we’re getting a new set of rims or something we can actually see!  If we keep the goal to making people’s lives better, we shift away from looking for some kind of profit and put our focus, instead, on improving people’s situations.

Serving your industry is particularly powerful in retail- hey that’s you! There’s a lot of turnover, which means there’s a constant influx of new people in the industry. Who’s teaching them?  Are they actually learning anything?  Sure, they had education before they started working for you, but don’t you want to have one-of-a-kind employees?  How can YOU help them to be the best they can be?  Consider investing and learning more about online classes, educational videos, further education tools and sales materials.  52 weeks in a year, additional trainings and engaged communities guarantee industry salespeople stay sharp.

At the end of the day, you care not only about your business, but the tire and auto service industry as a whole.  You need your industry to stay afloat for YOU to be successful.  Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is there a customer experience that commonly goes bad in our industry?
  2. Is our industry lacking education?
  3. How do we strive to be the best?

While you may not have the answers to each of these questions, it’s important that you do your best to analyze them and remember that the store you visit all the time with the most amazing service and employees is who you’re trying to become!

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