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Respond to Reviews!

Respond to Reviews!

Gaining online reviews are all the craze these days in the online marketing industry. We encourage you to embrace this new epidemic for all of the great benefits. There are two great ways to adapt to the power of reviews. To make it simple, we’ve created a two-step checklist.

  1. Ask for reviews. It is truly that simple. There are many ways you can ask for reviews, from passing out cards at the checkout counter to leaving a nice note in the waiting area. Remember the blog post, Moo Who? This is a great way to get creative with asking for reviews. It is OK to think outside of the box when asking for reviews, you may get more this way (winky face)!
  2. Respond to negative and positive reviews. Yes, even the negative reviews. We believe the negative reviews need the most attention. Responding to the review shows the public that you take your business practices very seriously and you are acknowledging the bad review and making strides to improve. Responding to positive reviews is easy, so why not respond?

We are placing a lot of emphases on reviews, as you can see, because it can increase or decrease traffic to your business. Anyone can be a critic these days with reviews; all that is needed to leave a review is an account with the platform in which the review is left on, such as a Facebook account, Gmail account or Yelp account. It is pretty simple. Consumers rely on reviews to make a purchase decision. There are countless number of studies to support the importance of reviews. In fact, one study reported that 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. With the way our social media and online community have grown, that percentage makes perfect sense.

To help narrow your focus as to which review sites to conquer, take a look at your social media page (Facebook, for example) and your Google Places listing. Do not get overwhelmed with all of the review sites, take two at a time. We weigh a lot of importance on Facebook and Google as they are two of the most used platforms on the internet. Of course, reach out your account manager as she can guide you on a path of review awesomeness! Odds are your account manager is already working towards gaining your business more reviews.

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