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Reporting Red Flags!

If there is one task that weighs heavily on priority, it’s monthly reporting. Monthly reports are the best way to evaluate the success of your SEO program. This is how you can see if you are getting ‘bang for your buck.’  We can’t speak for all monthly reports for every SEO company out there but we can speak for what Upright Tire provides and that’s quality. Too often we stumble upon reports from other companies and we scratch our heads wondering about the missing pieces.

This blog post is to help you understand what you should be getting in a monthly report. We even tossed in a few red flags…. If your report contains this information, give us a call!

  1. Site visits: This includes direct visits, referral visits and organic visits. It’s helpful to know how many visitors are viewing the site that directly type in the URL, get referred from an outside source or organically search.
    1. RED FLAG: If the top site visits are from sites that seem odd such as buttons-for-website.com or make-money-online.7makemoneyonline.com… call us.
  1. Mobile views: Mobile views should have some sort of data. We’ve done countless amounts of research and each time it proves that at least 20% of views should be from mobile. This is why we spend a lot of time making sure sites are mobile friendly.
    1. Red Flag: If your report shows a very low number for mobile views, raise questions. The site should be tracking that data. Or, make it easier on yourself and just call us!
  2. Phone leads: Knowing how many people are calling your store based off of site visitors is data that is considered like gold, to Upright Tire. This is just one of the strategies we can use to determine how many people are ready to make a purchase before visiting the shop. We have a strategy to track those calls and you’ll even get a WEEKLY report for that data.
    1. Red Flag: Without this data you may begin to question the success of the site. Give us a call and we will explain why this strategy is important.

If you’d like more information on what metrics should be in an SEO monthly report, reach out to us! We’d like to hear more about your online marketing goals and how we can help you reach those goals.

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