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Question and Answers on Google My Business

Google has been leading the ‘listing’ game with new developments for business owners. We’re pretty happy about it since Google listings are one (if not the) most viewed directories. The new feature comes just months after the new posting feature, better recorded insights, and updated descriptions. The newest feature is a question and answer forum type discussion on the listing.

Users can now ask questions on the listing and others can respond. For example, someone can ask your auto shop, ‘Do they sell used tires?’ and someone can respond with either a yes or a no. A lot of times the information they seek will be on the website but the benefit of asking the question on Google listings is so they don’t have to search too hard. Why go on a hunt if someone can just answer it for them?

Your account manager will check on the question and answer portion of your listing each Friday when they check for new reviews. We encourage you to take a look at this new feature, whether it is your business listing or another business listing. The feature is quite advanced and really great for community involvement. Not sure if your Google My Business listing has this feature? Reach out to Upright-Tire and we can help you manage your listing!

Below is a screenshot of what the question and answer section looks like on a listing:

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