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Q & A: What to Ask Your Web Development Team

As a social media guru, I love Twitter! It is a great place for people to share articles, news, updates and much more. One evening as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I stumbled upon the article, 11 Questions to Ask a Website Design Firm Before You Begin, written by Michael Lieberman with Square 2 Marketing. The article encompasses questions everyone should certainly ask their development team.  Take a look at the 11 questions that one should ask, according to the article, and the answers derived from Upright Tire’s best practices and protocol.  Oh! There is a bonus question added by yours truly, #SEOGuru.

1. What is the project timeline & are the project expenses capped?

The project timeline, essentially, is the time period of the contract (normally a 12 month agreement). We are ALWAYS looking to improve the site and to make certain the site is working for our clients. We do much more than simply place a site onto cyber space. However, it typically can take two to four weeks to launch a site, depending on the domain, server and the client.

Project expenses are capped in some areas such as extra features to the Ezytire widget. However, we are always looking for ways for our clients to dominate their information space. This may mean we spend more time on keyword rankings, reports or creating videos to help enhance the site. In addition to adding more features, we are constantly researching and collaborating to make certain we are always on track and one step ahead! The SEO industry changes daily.

2. How will I (the client) be involved in the process?

The client can be as involved (which we LOVE) as they like. In the very beginning, we do require at least 30 – 45 minutes of your time. This is to gather all of the nitty, gritty and very specific information we need for your site that only YOU know. Each month we will send out a report and ask to chat about it for 10 – 15 minutes or so. We understand that our clients are very busy selling tires and running a business.  We respect the fact that you are busy and try to not take you away from your craft for too long.

3. Will you (Upright Tire) be helping us determine our keywords or do I (the client) have to give you that info?

One of the many great things about Upright Tire is that we have a proven database of keywords to use. However, it helps us drive those keywords if we know specific information about your company, such as the brands you carry OR the areas you are trying to improve. It is important to mention that we track every keyword and we can tell our clients how they are ranking in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

4. Will you (Upright Tire) write the copy or will I have to write the copy?

We have a GREAT in-house copy writer that knows all of the logistics of GREAT copy. With that being said, we provide the copy. The copy we provide is proven copy that has important keywords strategically placed to help with rankings. However, if you wish to be involved in the process, we would be MORE than happy to work together to create the best copy.

5. Will you (Upright Tire) be optimizing our site for our top keywords?

You betcha! As mentioned in #3, we have a proven database of keywords that we strategically place on our sites. We will be doing a lot to make certain the top search engine’s recognize the words to really make your site shines.

6. Will the new site work on all smartphones & tablets?

This is such a great question to ask! Upright Tire does have a mobile & tablet feature on our sites (no additional cost). This is SO very important because so many people use their smartphones and tablets to search the web. It is important that the site not only rocks on a desktop computer BUT also a mobile and tablet device. It will help your customers choose YOU as their go to place for all things tire & auto related.

7. How will we (the client) make changes to the site after you (Upright Tire) are finished?

It is very simple, just let us know what you would like & we will do our very best to make it happen. Whether it is an image or a new coupon, we can put it on the site for you. However, we aren’t ever ‘finished’ with a site; we are constantly updating and optimizing to make certain the site is fresh to the major search engines and doesn’t get lost in cyber space.

8. Will the site be integrated into our CRM system or back office systems?

Of course, we make certain that the forms that are on your site are working properly and that, most importantly, you (the client) receive them in a timely manner. We make certain that the process is seamless & user friendly.

9. Will the site have a blog and the ability to easily add landing pages?

Yes, each site does have a blog and that blog will be posted via RSS feed to your social media accounts. Blogging can certainly help increase traffic and the blog is updated weekly. However, it is much more than a blog, it is strategically filled with keywords and meta data to increase visibility to your customers.

A lot of our customers are interested in landing pages & we can certainly create this for our clients! Whether it is a gallery page or a contest page, we do our best to make it happen.

10. Who owns the website URL after the project is finished?

This is SUCH an important question that ANYONE who is working with a website design company should ask. Upright Tire DOES NOT hold your website URL hostage after the project / contract has ended. If for any reason, you (the client) choose to take another path, we will hand over the information that you need. Many companies will hold this information for a fee and it is just not the way Upright Tire does business. However, we hope we stay together forever!

11. Is this a website that’s designed to look good or designed to get us leads

Your goal is to be found and our goal is to make that happen. This means LEADS, LEADS, LEADS. However, we don’t put up a website that looks outdated or boring BUT we do put up a website that has proven usability and success. Although, you may want a scrolling banner or boxes flying across the page, this does not mean you will be found. Our research has also proven that with industrial sites (like yours), the users prefer for it to be clean and easy to navigate. It would be counterproductive if people left the site because too much as going on.

*Bonus* Do you (Upright Tire) help managing social media platforms?

YES, YES, YES!!! It is SO important that not only you have a great site but a great social media platform. Similar to your site, this can create customers or detour them. With a great social media strategy, you can promote your business and improve sales. We have a proven social media strategy that can help increase traffic. Not to forget to mention, it is another URL that points to your main site!

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