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Public Google+ Content Is Being Archived

Word on the street is that the public Google+ posts will be saved for posterity with the official Internet Archive.

Whether or not you’re a customer of ours, chances are you’ve heard of Google+. Google+ was basically Google’s failed attempt at a social media network. As the April termination date for Google’s social network has come and gone (with a few stragglers still to clean up, officially ending in August, or so they say), attempts are being made to preserve public content for posterity.

Why did it shut down in the first place?

Google saw low user engagement & it had quite a bit of security flaws.

In fact, in October, Google revealed that 90% of Google+ user sessions ended in less than 5 seconds. That’s BAD! And when we reference security, they found an API flaw that could ultimately expose user information. Not good either. Consequently, Google decided to shut down the 7-year-old social network as a result.

Google+ says public content will live forever…

The Internet Archive and the ArchiveTeam have posted to Reddit to outline their efforts to preserve all those public posts. If you’ve posted public content on Google+, chances are, it’ll be saved.

Is it worth saving though?

Despite it being an utter failure, Google+ was operated by the giant Google, so they made numerous attempts in its infancy to include it into search engine results & even your ranking factors.

Should we care?

YES! Good news for Upright Tire clients… Folks are saying that if your business put the effort into Google+ from the beginning (which we did on the dealer’s behalf), chances are, they’ll keep rewarding the shops for it – whether by rankings or overall visibility.

If you have questions regarding Google+ or how this relates to your business, just holler at us! We’re always happy to help.

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