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Promote Offers on Google My Business!

We’re super thrilled to announce that Google My Business has rolled out a new update! Business owners are now able to post offerings on their business listing pages. This is a really awesome development and we’re really hyped about it.

More than likely your listing has received the new roll out. You’ll know if your listing has the new feature when you log in to your dashboard. To the left, you’ll see a ‘new’ banner tag pointing at ‘Posts’. This navigation bar is on the left side of your dashboard.

We really like the call to action option the posts allow and your call to action options are learn more, reserve, sign up, buy or get offer. You can even post an event to the page and those options include event dates, start and end times. The data is also awesome because Google will let you know how many people saw the offer/event and how many people clicked on the link in the post.

Here is an example of what the post looks like on Google:

Google post

Here is an example of what the post looks like with data:

Google post data

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