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People Want to Support Local!

Over the last few months a new social media platform has come to the forefront and it’s entirely based on local businesses, neighbors, local events, everything that has to do with local. At first I thought, ‘hmm just another social media platform.’ However, Nextdoor Neighbor is making some big waves.

This platform is 100% about all things local. Here is why we love this platform so much, neighbors can recommend local businesses. It’s the best local listing real estate that we’ve seen since Google, Bing, Yelp & Yahoo! Here’s another awesome reason why we love Nextdoor Neighbor, you can claim your local business listing. The platform is a private social network for your community and it’s totally narrowed down to all things local.

If you’re an Upright Tire client, have no worries, we’re already working on claiming your listing. If you’re not an Upright Tire client and have some questions, give us a call and get to know us. Upright Tire is all about helping local tire dealers sell more tire. We stand with our local tire dealers and we want customers to choose YOU over a big retailer! If you don’t call us, fine, at least download the Nextdoor Neighbor app or sign-up online! You’ll be surprised how helpful it is and how awesome it is!

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