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Panda 4.0 Update

Breaking News!

Google has updated Panda, the algorithm it uses to weed out what it deems to be low-quality search results.

The Panda algorithm, which was designed to help boost quality content sites while pushing down low-quality content sites in the search results, has always targeted bottom feeder sites and low-quality content sites in order to provide searchers with the highest quality search results possible.

Panda 4.0, which Google and Matt Cutts, a Google software engineer, confirmed began rolling out yesterday on May 20th has definitely caused some shock waves in the search results. However, the fact that Panda 4.0 is also hitting at the same time as a refresh of an algorithm targeting spammy searches like ‘payday loans’ makes it a bit more difficult for webmasters to sort through all the chaos!

Panda first came onto the scene in February 2011, and was believed to be Google’s response to criticism of how well content farms were ranking. Google then later announced that they internally called it the big Panda update, after Navneet Panda, the Google engineer who generated it.  The original update affected about 12% of U.S. search results, and we can only expect larger impacts with each new update.

For specific questions regarding this update, please contact your account manager.  And just remember, your site includes quality content so we don’t have to worry!

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