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Opening a New Location? Consider Local SEO

First and foremost, congratulations on your business’ success! Opening a new location is no simple feat so you definitely deserve a virtual pat on the back. However, there are still a lot of obstacles to overcome before smooth cruising. Do not worry though! Upright Communications is here to provide assistance in your businesses’ digital presence.

Google Rankings

Local customers are increasingly turning to Google for their local business inquires. With the wide utilization of Google My Business, businesses have the power to reach potential customers from hundreds of miles away. Although this is the case, the real challenge comes in appearing in their search results.

Google rankings, in a search result, take into consideration a lot of factors. However, there are three factors that stand out: relevance, proximity, and prominence.


Relevance considers how closely the searched text relates to a given business or website. If a potential customer is looking for a tire dealer, they may search “tire dealers”. Google will search for mentions of each word in conjunction and issue a search. After the search is issued, Google should display pages and businesses related to tires or tire dealers.


This brings us to proximity. Proximity takes into consideration where the search is issued or where the intended search needs to occur. By specifying a given city or simply by typing “near me”, Google will take this into account and filter its results accordingly. Make sure the address on your listing is accurate; it is crucial for this factor.


Prominence is essentially your business’ reputation – better reputation, higher your credibility. With more positive reviews or mentions from trustworthy websites, your business will have a higher chance of appearing in search results. This is why it is important to have positive reviews from your customers. Of course this is not always possible so your business needs to try to mitigate negative reviews. Each comment or review is affecting your reputation.

What Can I Do?

An important contributor to your new business’ success is its Google ranking. You need to make sure your new tire dealer location has a Google My Business listing that is accurate and well-managed. It should be updated regularly to keep your customers up to date. Please consider relevance, proximity, and prominence when managing your new tire shop location.

Your business website should be updated with this new location as well. There needs to an association between all of your locations. Many potential customers visit a business’ website way before visiting the physical site of the business. If your website becomes a trusted site by Google, it will positively affect your prominence. According to BrightLocal, “Google trusts websites that are trusted by other trustworthy websites”. Take that as you will.

However, if you’re still at a loss, you can always call us! Upright Communications can help lessen your load by taking on your website as well as the content management of your Google My Business listings. Contact us today!

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