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New Year, New Gear with Upright Tire

Part of my New Year’s Eve this year consisted of a heated debate on how to pronounce our new, upcoming year. Is it “two thousand and fourteen?” “Twenty- fourteen?” Or we could go a whole other route and old school it with 2K14, my personal favorite. While the debate was an interesting and silly topic among friends, it really started to get my thoughts going.

Businesses across the board last year was like an amusement park ride. Ups, down, new tools, platforms, roles and channels were everywhere, giving new opportunities to businesses to the delight of their customer.

Where will we in the SEO, marketing, tire business and business world in general be going in 2014?

Let’s start with Google, who made some huge changes last year including the largest update to their algorithm in about a decade. Companies who look to impress Google will be reviewing their content and ensuring it is quality and not necessarily quantity. If your company is a little more forward thinking they will also dive head first into all of Googles extensions which means, gulp, social media and Google+ .

Yahoo and Bing also seem to be “upping the ante” with new features on both of their search engines as well as algorithm changes. The most prominent one that has been announced is their advanced updates for mobile search. If you do not have a mobile version for you site yet, you are 2000-and-late.

The automotive industry has also been making leaps and bounds with ties to “the godfather Google,” as I like to reference them. 2013 saw advances in driverless cars, new designs in tires, such as the honey comb design which is airless and bullet proof, if that is your thing.( http://www.airless-tire.com/resilient-technologies-the-honeycomb-tire/)

A new electric race car has been unveiled with a Formula E Championship. It has already been unveiled in Las Vegas, of course, to rave reviews. Toyota is not far behind in innovation with its new Hydrogen car to only emit water vapor!

What are your personal goals in 2014? Tweet us @UprightTire with the hashtag #Goalsfor14 and tell us what your business would like to achieve!

Happy New Year!

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