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Need to Make a Pitstop?

Is getting there really half the fun, like they say? Google seems to think it is!

Google Maps’ latest update for Android & iPhone (iOS) lets you search for gas stations, restaurants and other exciting points of interest along your route without leaving the navigation mode. Prior to this update, you would need to leave your turn-by-turn directions to search the map for a restaurant, for example, and then get back into navigation mode. Now, you can search along the way without losing your spot on your route! Google Maps will also show you how long a stop will add to your trip while keeping you on your route. (pretty cool)

The updated app will also now show gas prices at the stations it lists along the route, so you can bargain shop even while on the road.

And speaking of driving & cars, if you have an optimized listing (like our customers do), users can also find the nearest ‘tire shop’ on their route as well!  Making it easier to find you and your business should they need tires or are having car troubles. #WinWin

For more updates on Google Maps, contact your account manager! We always have the latest tips and tricks when it comes to Google.

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